How to upgrade your Instagram game. (Basic to bad ass)

If you're here wondering what the hype is with instagram then please by all means continue reading. In a world where social media is the order of the day and a lot of people are cashing out from it you might as well join the party. Instagram can act as a window to your business... Continue Reading →


Affordable and instagramable places to hang out in Enugu

while we all agree that travelling is dope and super fulfilling, its also not cheap! and we need to still have some fun while saving those coins for traveling. as a blogger I have honestly gone to lots of places in this town in search of what I like to call "instagramable locations" and so... Continue Reading →

Day 2 of Cookie X Lui

Hey babes, today's look features a classy lady who plays by the rules, extremely happy to help anyone in need but can't be walked over because she knows her worth. I love this outfit because it's simple yet it stands out and is perfect for any occasion ranging from church to events. The glam team... Continue Reading →

Cookie X Lui clothing (boss babe)

Hey babes, this is my first post via my collaboration with Lui clothing and I enjoyed every bit of this collaboration. Today the first outfit is a corporate yet playful look and it's for the typical Monday girl who likes to look smart but then doesn't also want to loose her fashion traits. Masvinci photography... Continue Reading →

A September to remember

Hey beautiful people, I hope everyone had a nice weekend? It's Sunday night and I've had lots of things going through my mind. First off, Let me just officially welcome you guys to the month of September although I'm late I just want to put it out there . I was wondering what you guys... Continue Reading →

My All time Favorite foods

Hey guyssssss!! It's finally over. I'm exhausted but mama didn't raise no quitter. I'm going to be telling you guys some delicious meals I enjoy. Some of which are my local delicacies others not so much but food nonetheless. I like to think of myself as a foodie in transit which means that I'm not... Continue Reading →

Guilty pleasures…

What's good guys, I'm here again today and it's already day 5 woah! Who knew I'd keep up? Today's topic is guilty pleasures and I'd be sharing a few guilty pleasures of mine. Incase you don't know what "guilty pleasure" means here's a quick explanation according to Wikipedia; A guilty pleasure is something, such as... Continue Reading →

Tales from childhood

Hey guys it's another day and here's another blogpost. My earliest childhood memory. This is a really tasking one but I think the earliest memories I have of me were memories of me always hailing people (lmaooo). My hype woman career did not start today. From hailing random bike men who were passing my street... Continue Reading →

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