Lessons from 2k17

As the year is gradually winding up I've decided to write on the lessons I've learnt this year but first allow me to say thanks to all of you beautiful people that have been keeping up with me and my boring posts (yep I said that). I'm currently typing this post in my pyjamas and... Continue Reading →


Trophy wife

Hello loves, it's been too long but you know I always come through for you guys yass! Anyway happy new month I can't believe it's Christmas already I mean how many more days till 25th. This week I'm taking my mid semester exams so I might not be so active but trust that I won't... Continue Reading →


It's Monday, precisely 4:05am and I've been up for about 2 and a half hours. I'm excited and I think it's because I finally found my blogging voice. Everything makes a lot of sense now. Everything is coming together. You know the thing, when God says I'll always be there for you just believe Him... Continue Reading →

Monochrome Fever

Hello loves, I finally have a new post for this week and it's late but then better late than never. School work has been demanding so I've been trying to balance it all out and thankfully I'm getting a hang of it. I recently started reading Achebes "the trouble with Nigeria" and to be honest... Continue Reading →

Palazzo and pleats 

After an extremely stressful weekend I finally have a post for you guys. I'm sorry it wasn't up yesterday as promised but believe me when I say that i have a reasonable reason.  Today I styled a pink pleated palazzo trouser with an halter neck tank top and my favourite pointy shoes. I've never owned... Continue Reading →

Monochrome X Stripes 

Hey loves, I hope y'all are okay? As for me I had a not so great day but I'm fine. So I've been seeing this button down track pants for a while now but it has always been styled with the barest minimum as tops; from bandeaus to bralets but being me, I knew I... Continue Reading →

Not so basic 🍷

I'm currently in a keke na pep (tricycle) ps: it's a common mode of transport here in Nigeria. Eating crazy sours skittles and listening to music with my headphones whilst typing this post. This post is a very different one its about styling your basic shirts in more fun ways instead of buying new ones.... Continue Reading →


This post has been ready for a while now but then network has not been great plus things have been coming up as I'm in school now and no longer on holiday but regardless of all this; it's ready now (yay!)  I styled a maxi two way slit skirt with an off  shoulder blouse and... Continue Reading →

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