Is getting older worth it?

I think becoming older comes with so much clarity that can be scary. As for me, I have known love, hate and all the others in between. I have doubted myself and I have hated my self. Making progress in my thoughts but having nothing physical to show for it. I've lost friends, family and... Continue Reading →


Catch up!

Link to the video is attached to the video. Hopefully i'll get my mojo back! Love and light always. Cookie

Collaboration bants

Saying I missed this space is an understatement. Let's all gather and toast to not procrastinating and finally getting stuff done. This post is generally an update to what's been happening with me . 16- 06- 18 On this Saturday I met up with another creative and we did a collaboration. The_real_gift and I had... Continue Reading →

Sheer maxi (Princess edition)

Today was the long awaited royal wedding and you bet I didn't miss it. Meghan was such a stunner in her beautiful dress. And the Beckhams delivered as usual. Today I styled a sheer maxi skirt with a sheer sleeveless kimono and a beautiful green dress. I've had each of these outfits for a while... Continue Reading →

Cookie x DSH ( a fashion editorial)

It's indeed refreshing the freedom taking mindful steps give. I've not posted on IG for about a week now and I'm not happy about it but then I'm happier that I've chosen to take my time in creating mindful content and not just settling for anything. For starters, I'd love for you to know that... Continue Reading →

What’s been up?

Hey beautiful people!! I've been MIA recently and it's only because I got a 9 to 5 yep I'm in the labor community now (lol). I was almost a pro with balancing school life and blogging but work life is on a whole new level. Dealing with an over "enthusiastic" boss is quite a struggle.... Continue Reading →

Self Appreciation

It's Palm Sunday today and I'm in awe of how fast this year has been. I'm really glad we're almost done with March because it feels like it took forever. I'm probably contradicting myself but you get my point, right? This post is dedicated to myself and anyone else like me that doesn't see their... Continue Reading →

Accepting March

Currently sipping wine and reminiscing. I'm having a hard time accepting March. Is that weird? It's been a really uneventful month so far and I kinda live for the adrenaline you know? Thinking of life and what the essence of my existence is. However, I have a blogpost for you beautiful people. I styled my... Continue Reading →

Life update

Veni vidi vici  I came I saw I conquered  Gosh, I've been gone for too long darlings and boy am I delighted to be back. You might be wondering what my little quote up there is about hint hint #wakandaforever lol. Yas girl I finally saw Black Panther and I was so proud to be blessed with... Continue Reading →

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