What’s been up?

Hey beautiful people!! I've been MIA recently and it's only because I got a 9 to 5 yep I'm in the labor community now (lol). I was almost a pro with balancing school life and blogging but work life is on a whole new level. Dealing with an over "enthusiastic" boss is quite a struggle.... Continue Reading →


Self Appreciation

It's Palm Sunday today and I'm in awe of how fast this year has been. I'm really glad we're almost done with March because it feels like it took forever. I'm probably contradicting myself but you get my point, right? This post is dedicated to myself and anyone else like me that doesn't see their... Continue Reading →

Accepting March

Currently sipping wine and reminiscing. I'm having a hard time accepting March. Is that weird? It's been a really uneventful month so far and I kinda live for the adrenaline you know? Thinking of life and what the essence of my existence is. However, I have a blogpost for you beautiful people. I styled my... Continue Reading →

Life update

Veni vidi vici  I came I saw I conquered  Gosh, I've been gone for too long darlings and boy am I delighted to be back. You might be wondering what my little quote up there is about hint hint #wakandaforever lol. Yas girl I finally saw Black Panther and I was so proud to be blessed with... Continue Reading →

Stunting in a LBD

It's 5 days into February already whoa! Time really flies. So if you've been following me on ze gram ( by the way if you're not then you should). You probably know that I recently collaborated with a few people for this post. At first I wasn't sure what this post was going to be... Continue Reading →

A fun getaway

So you've been looking for fun things to do with your friends but you're also on a budget well you're in the right place. On Saturday (27-01-18) my friends and I went on a picnic; let me just add that this trip was long overdue but thank goodness it finally came to pass. Here are... Continue Reading →

New trend alert.

It's another week and here's another post. Is God not wonderful? Anyway this post was definitely fun for me because I've never tied a scarf on my leg before but thanks to Pinterest I decided to. I also made tassels earrings myself (so dope, i know right? ) For this post I decided to step... Continue Reading →

2018 so far…

I can't believe it's the 21st already and I've already achieved my goal for January. I recently hit 2000 followers on IG and I'm grateful. You guys are the real Gees. I promised a story time and best believe I will deliver. I recently collaborated with an upcoming photographer who had been reaching out to... Continue Reading →

Lessons from 2k17

As the year is gradually winding up I've decided to write on the lessons I've learnt this year but first allow me to say thanks to all of you beautiful people that have been keeping up with me and my boring posts (yep I said that). I'm currently typing this post in my pyjamas and... Continue Reading →

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